5 Tips To Exude Executive Presence In Your Corporate Portrait

5 Tips To Exude Executive Presence In Your Corporate Portrait

Corporate portraits are valuable marketing tools for your business. Read our blog giving 5 tips on how to exude an undeniable executive presence in yours.

There is power in a well-executed portrait. Corporate photography is a valuable marketing tool for your company. A professional business portrait does more than just show your image. It also conveys your authoritative role and a reflection of your company’s professionalism. An experienced corporate photographer will understand how business portraits project gravitas. Your professional business portrait will cast confidence, decisiveness and poise under pressure. This conveys the perception of leadership material — essential to potential clients, colleagues and future employers. To convey the right message in your business portrait, your professional photo must exude executive presence. Even if executive presence is not inherently within your natural demeanor, there are ways to fake it to look like a leader.

1. Clothing and Jewelry

As portraits are static images of your business persona, looking the part is crucial for potential clients and future employers evaluating you or your business. Your professional business portrait is a proclamation; it exudes executive presence. What you wear for your professional portrait represents the business’s propriety. Determine the type of presence you want to convey. Do you want to appear more approachable or display an air of authority? Dress accordingly in business attire that is classic and timeless. For men, this means a suit jacket, or at the very least, a well-pressed dress shirt. For women, opt for a tailored jacket or elegant blouse. While there are no hard-and-fast rules to dressing as a business professional, Always wear long-sleeve shirts for your portrait. Avoid color tones, patterns and thin stripes as these do not translate well on camera or computer screens. This is in relation to the “moire effect,” in which thin strips create the illusion of a secondary rippling pattern. These can also contribute to visual noise within your portrait, causing unnecessary distractions. Jewelry is a great accessory to any outfit. However, only a minimal amount of jewelry is best for your portrait. This keeps the focus on the main feature of your photo, which should be your face.

2. Makeup and hair

When doing professional portraits, you want your image to radiate. Much like your clothing, your hair should be a reflection of your personality. Shampoo commercials are great examples to personify the type of hair style your business image should exude: radiant, full-bodied, and neat. If you know when your business portraits will be shot, get your haircut a few days before the shoot to allow your hair to settle. For makeup, a natural look works best. Keeping it simple allows your corporate headshot to stand out with a bold yet natural look. Aim for a more matte finish as glossy or shimmering makeup will catch the studio light and become distracting.

3. Posing

In Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk on body language, she emphasized the effects of posture on how others perceive us. According to Cuddy, simply changing body positions can have numerous physical and psychological benefits to your appearance. Your stance, when standing in a posture of confidence, will boost your feelings of confidence and improve your chances of success. For a first-class headshot, stand or sit up straight and tall. Whether or not your business portrait is a headshot or a creative business image, a strong posture projects confidence and professionalism. Find the best side of your face and wear it with confidence. At the same time, like anything else in life, perspective is everything. To convey a genuine expression in your portrait, glance down until it's time to shoot the portrait.Right before the click of the shutter, look up and make eye contact with the camera. Not only will this ease camera shyness, but it will communicate a positive, friendly demeanor while maintaining assertiveness and authority. A professional photographer can expertly guide your executive poses to radiate trust and integrity.

4. Avoid selfies

You may have heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” While it's tempting to use the power of smartphones to capture your best features, that technology is best saved for selfies on your personal social media networks. When it comes down to exuding true executive presence in your portraits, there is no better way to convey that than at a professional photography studio. An experienced corporate photographer will have the right backdrops and lighting to produce outstanding results. A professional business portrait can be repurposed for a myriad of marketing materials, from social networks to your company’s website. This makes a trip to a professional photography studio a worthwhile investment.

5. Know your photographer

The right photographer will properly portray the executive presence you’re trying to convey. They will also be instrumental in shooting headshots for the whole team to display consistent company branding. When meeting with prospective photographers, also request samples of photography work. Their portfolio can showcase what you want to achieve with your business portrait. Furthermore, samples of their work can suggest a few ideas of how you want to exude that professional presence. From executive portraits and PR, your photographer can deliver images that command attention. These initial consultations are the perfect time to discuss the copyright regarding your portraits. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good first impression. Your potential clients will form an opinion regarding your business long before your first meeting. Your business portrait can engage long before the first handshake. It speaks volumes regarding your professional character and the business you conduct. Be sure that it displays your strengths and exudes executive confidence.

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